Monday, April 2, 2012

Walking Away

As a writer, one thing we must learn to do, is move on from one project to another. Sometimes, it is liberating. Sometimes it is excruciating. Spending that much time on one set of characters, in one world, can be difficult to let go of.

We have to do this in every day life too. We must let go of places, hobbies, jobs, even occasionally people. Have you found ways to make it easier? How do you transition from one situation/project to another? Do you find change painful or exciting?

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm one of those odd people that find change totally exciting. I love experiencing new things or changing up old ways. Not sure why, guess I'm just wired that way.

  2. For me, switching from project to project - if it is not working out - is really hard. I so want to believe in every idea I have, but I've come to realize a few things:
    A- I suck at fantasy world building so every fantasy idea I get I usually tell my fantasy-writing friends about, lol.
    B- Maybe the idea isn't right for me right now. I try to remind myself that I always come back later. I have a WIP that I have been working on for 2 years now because it is so hard to write. I come back to it every couple of months and add a little bit here and there, but it is nowhere near started or even close to being done. I recognize often that the project may be the right idea but it may not be the right time for me to write it :)

    I find change hard. I don't like moving or going places (ex- my parents want me to come home from college for 3 days. It takes 6 hours to get home which mean thats half a day right there so that would mean I would basically be home for 1 day) - It totally disrupts my flow and routine.

  3. My problem is that I'm a project whore. Even if I love my current characters and plot, I still have the urge to cheat on them...

    If anyone knows of medication that I could take for this, please contact me ASAP. :)

  4. You must have read my mind this morning. I am going through this situation right now with both projects and people. Change is painful when it comes to something or someone you love. But the following quote helps ease the pain a little:

    "Freedom is God's gift to me."

    Freedom is what we gain when we let go of something that is holding us back.

  5. It's hard to balance. On one hand you want you story to be the best it can possibly be, particularly if you aren't published (like me), so you spend months, maybe even years working on it. And still it feels like it could be better.

    On the other hand, as writers we should write, and I think spending too much time on one project is not useful. I just wish I could never sleep so I could spend more time writing both.

  6. I'm not good with change, I'm afraid. I do it, but...
    My hubby's friend used to call me "Clam". Because I burrow deep into something and it's hard to dig me out of my comfort zone. LOL

  7. Letting go is something learned and something unavoidable. Change is hard for me but I'm beginning to see that it can be beautiful and freeing too.

  8. I'm agonizing over that now. Though I've got two requests, I'm so sick of the ms requested...sick of the story, trying to revise it, trying to make it more than a 'your writing is so good but it's just missing something,' that I want to burn it.

    Maybe it's time, huh? It's not like I don't have other projects. But *insert whine here* I love these characters!


  9. This is beyond true, but it can also be beyond hard. We think we'll miss the situation, the people, the MS so much. But I've found when I move on, there's always something new to fit into that spot.

  10. It's all of those things, and also terrifying. But once you get past that fear and make it to the other side of the change, it's almost always a good thing.

  11. YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME, JENN. Was that what this post was subtly trying to imply?? Too bad! You're stuck with me. Wait, not all things are about me?? Huh....