Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Communication Skillz

Last week, I posted about how my husband traded a gun for a truck.

No, I'm not kidding. See here.

If you couldn't tell from that post, Hubs and I are stellar communicators. I mean, we should teach classes. Don't believe me? Allow me to demonstrate.

After we got said truck, I had a conference. I went, mingled with cool people, had dinner with them and there was a general consensus that we'd go back to my house for more fun/hot-tubbing/visiting my Greek-god-kitten, Zeus

Some of the people headed straight to my house, but I had to make a stop on the way. Being the excellent communicator I am, I called my husband to warn him of the incoming par-tay. Apparently my friends spend their weekends at Nascar, because they had already arrived. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, hun! I have some friends coming over. Please have pants on.
Him: Too late, they're already here.
Me: Oh...please tell me you had pants on.
Him: I did. I'm kind of mid-project.
Me: Okay, well give them the kitty and some licorice and I'll be right there.
Him: Done.

So, I rushed home, and when I arrived, there was a living room full of people chatting and my husband was in the garage...with the truck. Which was now being spray-painted in some sort of camouflage. Because he wants to blend in when driving through the woods on a dark night? Because it's never too early to prepare for the coming zombie/robot apocalypse? I don't know. I've learned not to question him.

Me: Why are you out here?! Couldn't you entertain them for a few minutes?
Him: Oh, you don't want me in there right now.
Me: Why not?
Him: *steps into the light* Look at me.
Me: *blinks at amazing amount of skin actually covered by paint* Why are you painting yourself to match the truck?
Him: *laughs* Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Me: *groans and heads inside* Well, I hope they're entertained.
Him: Hey, let me know if they're getting high from the fumes in there.
Me: Perfect.

As you can see, my husband and I have flawless communication, and a camo truck. Meet at my house when the apocalypse starts...also, we have licorice and a kitten. What else could we need?


  1. I love guys are too cute and funny, Jenn.

  2. You two make me laugh. And I bet my boys can think of lots of things to do with a camo truck. I also have a son that could match, I think.

  3. It gave us all something to talk about, and the kitty was too cute for his own greek-god-like goodness. :) Thanks for having us over! :)

  4. Oh boy, I am glad you are such a sweet and loving wife Jenn, because my reaction would have been a little different! My version would have had something to do with going and getting the gun back...