Monday, June 18, 2012

Personal Trainer A.K.A. Bringer of the Pain

I've been seeing a personal trainer the last couple of weeks. Her name is Melanie. She's adorable -- cute, sweet, smiley -- and it's stunning the amount of pain she can induce in my body.

I am no longer able to do even the simplest things without help. Reaching over my head, scratching my nose, putting on earrings, even typing is difficult. I can only hold my arms at this angle for a few seconds at a time.

So this is going to be a very short post. Blame Melanie the trainer...and pray I survive.


  1. Evil Melanie! In my head she is the evil trainer from How I Met Your Mother who tortures Marshall.

  2. OMG My dad feels THE SAME way about his personal trailer. He calls her the b***. LMAO. Maybe your Melanie and his Melinda are the same person? :)

  3. Sometimes, it is a good pain when you know you have earned it.

  4. lol. That's awesome that you are seeing a personal trainer. I need a personal trainer. That's so cool. ;)