Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It Bears Repeating... P.S.A.

About once a year, I face embarrassment--yea, even dishonor--to share two stories.

I do this for you, dear bloggy-friend. I couldn't stand for you to suffer the way I have. And so, I warn you and hopefully prevent your inevitable humiliation.

Either that, or I like it when people shoot water out of their nose with laughter.

I admit nothing.

Without further ado -- my public service announcement:

There is something sinister going on at Gold's Gym. Not to worry, it isn't just any Gold's Gym--it isn't even my Gold's Gym--it is a nearby Gold's Gym that has gone over to the dark side.

Trust me, we're talking wicked voodoo magic here. It's the only possible explanation for the events that have occurred in this particular gym location...or at least the only one I'm willing to admit.

First let me tell you of the unfortunate incident that occurred one Friday in February.

It was a cold, wet day. I was in a different part of town than I usually roam, but I went about my routine as usual. I swam my laps, then stretched in the hot tub and sauna--exactly as I do several times a week in my own gym to no ill effect. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred. After a few minutes in the steam room, I grabbed my towel and walked into the locker room.

As usual, I'd forgotten which locker I had placed my bag in. I paced back and forth, trying to remember where I'd been standing, but somehow...everything seemed different. Finally, I remembered it had been locker 13. Yes, locker 13--ominous, no? That was when it hit me...

I was surrounded by men.

Men in towels, with jaws hanging wide open.

Yes, I'd been walking around in the men's locker room for over a minute.

Naturally, I handled the situation with grace and dignity. I threw my towel over my head, screamed, "Aaahhh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" and ran out of the locker room.

As I stood, panting by the pool, I couldn't help but hear the outburst of laughter from the men who'd witnessed my unfortunate incident.

Now you've heard the evidence, you decide. Were there sinister machinations at work? Or was I just silly enough not to realize that the locker rooms were swapped from their locations at my normal gym?

One word of warning. Your responses may or may not determine whether I give you a cookie.

P.S. Drop by on Friday for another mishap...erm, WARNING...about an experience I had on a different gym excursion. Pure proof that something dark is happening here because it was at the SAME GYM LOCATION! *buh buh buum!*


  1. Of COURSE sinister machinations were at work! I mean, no-one would do that for any other reason, right? *innocent face* *waits for cookie*

  2. I gasped while reading. Hilarious! Good for you for going back! :)

  3. Gold's Gym totally swapped the locker room! It happens often and not just at Gold's Gym. It's NEVER happened to me to go in the wrong bathroom and wonder why a urinal is in the ladies bathroom. While a man is using it. Nope. I've just heard stories about it.
    Your story, er, warning is spot on! Thanks for getting it out into the public. Phew.

    1. Oh Taffy, I'm so happy to hear you weren't put in such an awkward bathroom situation. Hearing stories about it is bad enough. ;-) So happy my erm...warning could help you!

    2. It's your own fault. You should have been meeting me at the gym, and then...well, actually, I probably would have been with you in the wrong locker room. *gulps* But you wouldn't have been alone! That's the point.

    3. Haha, excellent! I find it hilarious that you volunteer to join me in my humiliation. Now THAT'S true friendship. :P

  4. I smile so much when I read this story. Every time. :)

    1. Haha, thanks, Michelle. It's only fair to warn people. ;-)