Monday, October 8, 2012

Green Bay Packers, Fun & My New Motto

You may have noticed that I've been missing a bit around here lately. I've had a crazy couple of weeks with so many fun things happening. I thought I'd post this week to tell you a bit about what I've been up to.

From this picture, you might think I was standing nearby when there was a giant green and yellow explosion. Good guess, but you would be wrong. In reality, I dressed this way on purpose because I love the Green Bay Packers.

And this is only the dress rehearsal. This outfit is missing several key components...yes, I'm serious. Stay tuned, I'll prove it in a minute.

The good news is, I'm not the only one who doesn't mind looking like an insane person who got in a fight with a massive field of sunflowers.

See? There are many of us. You might even say a plethora.

Further proof that I'm not alone in my obsession. And my new motto for life is this:

Hey, if an entire city in Wisconsin does it, it can't be wrong.

We got to sit here. Quarterback Aaron *pardon me whilst I swoon* Rodgers (#12) was practically in my lap.

The in-my-lap-seats were already sold *cue sad face*, so I had to settle for these.

The last game we went to was the playoff game against the Giants last year. It was...painful. My only consolation was that at least we lost to the team who went on to win it all. The game we attended this time was against the Saints and not only was it a nail-biter, we won this one. Which is WAY more fun, and makes dressing up like this totally worth it.

Take note, if you plan to fly across the country to go see your team play a football game...try to pick one that they win. See guys? Invaluable information here. Pay attention.

On Wednesday, I'll be posting about how awesome it is to go visit your publisher! :)

What have you been up to?


  1. Oh man, last night's game. *sadface*

    1. Seriously. It was SO bad. I'm really glad the game we went to wasn't like that. They need to get it together.

  2. Green goes well with your hair color! lol
    Looks like you had a good getaway even if your team didn't win.

    1. Thanks, Taffy! Oh...we won at this game. Just don't ask me about the one the week after. :(