Monday, October 15, 2012

Setting in Your World

I'm traveling again. After this month, I may become a hermit. I love going places, but I admit...I miss my own bed, my own world.

And that leads us to the topic I want to discuss this week -- setting. I'm in Philly right now, and my most recent book takes place here. It's been fascinating to see the things and places I've written about up close. Being in the same place and feeling some of the same things as my main character is surreal.

Anyway, I wanted to start with a question and then I'll give my input into how/why/what I do with it on Wednesday. Complete with photographic detail. ;-) You don't want to miss it. The question is this:

How integral was the setting in the book you are reading/writing? How is it used? Is it more of a backdrop for the action or almost it's own character? Can you think of a way it could be used more effectively?

Happy Monday!


  1. My book takes place in two worlds: Boston (when I went to college) and the Fae realm that I created. The Boston setting is just the backdrop, since the characters leave it, though I did throw in a bunch of details of my favorite places :) The Fae realm, I hope, is almost like its own character, since I really wanted to transport the reader to somewhere they've never been before.

    Also, I live in Philly, so I know it's a fabulous city! (Though it's raining today...)

  2. Setting always plays a huge part in my books. In fact, without an intriguing setting, I never have the motivation to even start a story.

    I miss you! I'm hoping maybe I can see when you get back! Lunch ... :)