Monday, December 10, 2012

Forging Fridays: Want a Query Critique?

This last Saturday marked 6 months exactly before the release of Insomnia.

I'm feeling excited, happy, and extremely lucky.

So, in the spirit of the season and giving, I wanted to do something useful for aspiring authors.

One very difficult step along the way to becoming traditionally published is querying. It can suck, hardcore. I know how hard it can be. Between the rejection, frustration and all the waiting, it's tempting to wave the white flag.

Querying is one of the many steps that forge a writer and prepare them for what they eventually want to become.

Some of you may know that my background is in marketing. This seems to have given me an advantage. Understanding both stories and hooks is crucial to writing a good query.

So, I'm starting a new event on my blog: Forging Fridays. I am open to receive queries starting today. I will post one query critique on my blog every Friday starting January 4th, 2013 and (as long as I have queries to critique--counting on you guys for that part) I'll keep it going at least through the Friday before my Insomnia release, June 7th, 2013.

It won't be easy to volunteer. It's scary to have your work publicly critiqued, believe me, I know this. I promise to be gentle but honest. And to be clear, if you aren't willing to have things you write critiqued online, you really shouldn't be pursuing traditional publication anyway.

What do you say? Are you ready to go all in? You can find info on how/where to send your query at the tab up top labelled Forging Fridays ~or~ you can click here.


  1. Oh wow! That's really kind of your. I'd love to offer a query for critique in the future. Sending happy wishes your way for your release! :D

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to help. :) I've had a couple submitted already. Very excited to get this going!

  2. That is amazing Jenn! I hate writing queries. I'll have to work on mine and send it to ya!

  3. This sounds great. Now to gather enough guts to send mine to you. :)

  4. This is so generous of you, Jenn! What a great way to give back and celebrate INSOMNIA's eventual release!