Monday, May 13, 2013

Craziness, Early Release & Final Copies!!

Today is twenty-seven days until the release of Insomnia and official madness has ensued.

We have the Insomnia Pre-Order Nook HD Giveaway going on. Also, I spent the weekend at Storymakers Conference which is always great.

So that's all awesome and amazing...

And then --

Amazon sent out an email to some of those that pre-ordered earliest, that they moved up their expected delivery date for Insomnia to THIS FRIDAY.

The cat is my fave, watch for him... :)

So, big deal...just apparently that my book will be sent out to some of you as early as THIS WEEK! *cue sound of my head exploding here*

**Sidenote -- this will not alter the pre-order giveaway. Anyone ordering (with receipt dated) before the close of contest date on May 31st will be eligible to win whether the book is sent immediately or not.**

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, on Saturday, I came home from the conference to finished copies of Insomnia!!

Guys, I know this sounds weird knowing the creepy nature of the cover and all that, but these are gorgeous. They're done in matte with all the cracks out from the eye and the title glossy, it's incredible. Flux has really outdone themselves. I was blown away. This picture here is of the cover flat so you can see the whole thing, and even so, the pic doesn't do it justice, but you might be able to see a little bit of what I'm talking about here:

See how the lines kind of shine with the light? Plus, you can see his whole face better with the cover flat. It's so freaking cool!! :)


Anything new with you? :)


  1. That does look so cool! I love that the glass/lines are raised and shiny. :D

    Congratulations on so many awesome things! (And I liked the cat too!)

  2. Oh wow. I hope Ill get an email soon from the book depo to say mine will ship early!!!! Congrats on the finished copies they look a-freakin-mazing :)

  3. Congrats on everything!! Now I really wish I pre-order books, but for some reason I hate doing it.
    The cover is so amazing!!!!