Friday, May 3, 2013

The Epic Insomnia Dare of 2013

In honor of the impending release (37 days) of my debut novel, Insomnia, *cue hyperventilating in 3--2--1--* I wanted to do something fun.

And in this case, fun = 3 things.

~ Friends
~ Prizes (up for grabs will be signed YA books!)
~ A Good Cause (donations to help find a cure for Diabetes!)

Yep, hanging out, giving stuff away, and curing bad diseases -- It's what I do best.

So...I have challenged Elsie Chapman (author of kick-butt YA Novel, DUALED) to an INSOMNIA-OFF! Or as I like to call it,

The Epic Insomnia Dare of 2013 

Details: Starting this Sunday night, May 5 at 11pm (Pacific), Elsie and I will be taking on the Insomnia Dare.

Rules: Um...we don't get to sleep...duh. The winner is the last one awake and they shall be dubbed Queen of the Insomniacs and everyone must refer to her as She Who Needs Not Sleep. The loser must lavish the winner with praise for a full 24 hours and refer to themselves as The Peon.


we both make it past the 4am mark, then we're both declared winners and receive the title and everyone who doesn't join in shall be The Peons!


Statistics: On top of the regular and much-anticipated trash-talk, there will be hourly check-ins where we report these stats for the last hour:

* number of yawns
* words written (oh yes, we'll be writing. Probably not well, but we'll be writing)
* number of caffeinated beverages consumed
* $ amount donated to The Swear Jar

Awesome Side Note: We and our fellow Friday the Thirteeners have each put $5 into said Swear Jar. At the end of the Insomnia Dare, the total amount in the jar will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, because finding cures = very cool.

Want To Play?
Follow our progress and chat with us on twitter!  We'll be using #InsomniaDare. You can donate your Swear Jar to the JDRF (If you do, tell us and we'll send you a shout out in our reporting post on Tuesday)!

Join in and stay up late with us! You too can compete for the title!

Tweet us your best "Exhausted Pic" for a chance to win a Signed ARC of INSOMNIA and a Signed copy of DUALED! 

And stop by our Friday the Thirteeners blog on Tuesday for a rundown of how the dare went. We'll announce the winner, post pics from our experience and giveaway the books!

Don't forget to use #InsomniaDare

So what do you think? Do you dare to play?


  1. I have never had so much in common with a cat before. So is coffee allowed for you guys or is this au naturel?

    1. :) coffee is allowed, but I'll be sticking with my good friend, Diet Coke. ;-)

  2. I think this is just about the best pre-pub stunt I've ever seen. I do hope that at least one of you is the punchy, giddy type, prone to fits of giggles when pushed into a sleep-deprived state. Because that will be fun to watch. ;)

  3. This sounds like too much fun to miss! I can hardly wait for your book as well!

    1. Thanks, Heather! :) It should be pretty entertaining to say the least.

  4. Jenn, I'm sleeping in suuuuuuper late Sunday morning so I won't be tired Sunday night. #justonemoretrickupmysleeve

  5. Good luck to you both! I just took an Ambien so I probably won't be up too late. :)