Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5 Release Facts I've Learned + More Blog Stops

I'm crazy busy with release stuff, plus prepping for my Launch Party which is less than a week away!! *happy dance*

So I thought I'd do a quick Things I've Learned post today and then send you on your way to more INSOMNIA blog tour posts that are out there right now.

5. The last 3 months before release are mad crazy. I'd heard this and felt prepared for it...I still vastly underestimated.

4. Brains do not work in a pressure cooker. I can't count the number of household possessions I've forgotten about and/or left in various locations throughout my state. My launch party will now end with a massive scavenger hunt.

3. There is such a thing as saying 'Yes' too much. I agreed to do every interview that I was asked to do...I am not saying I regret it. I'm saying I need a nap.

2. Cupcakes can fix anything. Bad review? cupcake. Computer glitch is causing issues? cupcake. Haven't figured out launch party presentation yet? separate and totally unrelated news, I will now be on a diet for the rest of time.

1. There is nothing in this world like seeing something you created in your mind on a shelf in a bookstore...literally nothing. I've never been so ecstatic and so stunned as when I stared at it and realized that it had actually happened...yes, a cupcake helps with this also.

So there you have it. Proof that I do indeed learn things. Which of these facts surprise you the most?

Stop by the My Friends Are Fiction blog stop where I discuss my favorite scary books.

And don't forget to stop by the Divergent Gryffindor blog stop where my Insomnia Dream-Cast will be facing off against Kim's Insomnia Dream-Cast. It will be epic.

Also, you can still comment on Kendare Blake's or Jessica Spotswood's blogs where all you have to do is comment to enter to win a signed copy of Insomnia! These are TWO separate giveaways! :) So the odds are...uh...ever in your favor! Go enter!


  1. I don't know what surprises me most, but the cupcakes are the least surprising :) I hope you have an awesome launch party!

  2. I really don't think it surprised me the most, but I'm 3 months 12 days from launch, and your #5 TERRIFIES ME.

    Best of luck with everything! (Especially getting that nap. ;)) You are going to do awesome!

  3. Well I got our interview up and ready to go for tomorrow. Make sure you rest it up, so you can fully enjoy that book being out there.

  4. Mmmm ... cupcakes. :) Yeah, I know how it is to answer all those interview questions. It's nuts!

  5. Yup... cupcakes cures all ails... they should be free!

  6. I help out with blogging for reviews on book tours and so I can atest to how stressful it can be to get things done but I could only imagine promoting something that was your own work. It has to be nerve you said cupcake!

  7. I have to agree with you about cupcakes, but in a pinch I've found that a twinkie or a zinger will work, too. Good luck with the book!

  8. Are you sure brains don't work in a pressure cooker? Maybe you need a new pressure cooker. LOL

  9. TOTALLY agree with you about cupcakes. This post made me laugh - glad you're able to take it all in stride! Congratulations on the launch - I'm really looking forward to reading your book and plan to pick it up VERY soon! (I've actually mentioned that I was eagerly awaiting it in two separate blog posts).

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  10. Cupcakes definitely fix everything. There'd be a lot less war if there were more cupcakes.