Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cover Reveal! - SALLY SLICK by Carrie Harris

Today I'm thrilled to be part of the cover reveal for an amazingly hilarious author & my very good friend, Carrie Harris.

And guys...THIS BOOK! I'm SO excited for it! Not only is the description awesome, but the cover is gorgeous!! Here is more info before we get to Ooh and Aah over the cover.

Release date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions
Ages: 12 and up

Jacket Description:

Every hero has a story. This one starts with a girl and a racing tractor.

Sally Slick knows she’s meant to be more than a Midwestern farm girl. What she wants more than anything is to be an inventor when she grows up—and she has the custom-built racing tractor to prove it. But good girls in 1914 don’t go off to the city in search of adventure. Everything changes when Sally’s big brother comes back from Chicago with a robot in hand and mobsters on his heels. With the help of her friend, wannabe hero Jet Black, Sally will risk everything to protect the people she loves.

Those bad guys are about to get a giant wrench thrown right into their plans.

Um, tractor racing, mobsters AND a robot in 1914?! Yes, please! :)

And now, the cover...

Oooooh...the steampunk-iness! The robot army! The giant wrench! Plus, she looks like someone I want on my side when fighting any bad guys. :) I need this! *grabby hands*

What do you think? What's your favorite part?


  1. Ug! It doesn't come out until December? :) Guess I'll have to be patient. It looks fantastic!

  2. Scary McScarypants? YOU ROCK. Thank you!

  3. This sounds totally interesting! I like the's different!