Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Is Me This Week

Yep, that's what I look like every time someone posts nice things, leaves nice comments, writes good reviews/blog post stops, tells me they're excited about my book.

So pretty often right now. (people are nice on release week--mostly)

Yay for release and giveaways! These are my stops for today:

On the Starbucks & Books blog, Chelsea does a character profile of Parker from Insomnia, and wow is she good! All that plus an awesome new review & signed books! 

On the Read Rinse Repeat blog, we chat about the fine line between letting your main character do bad things and yet somehow still making them likable + giveaways!

I SAT (Successful Author Talk interview) over on Mindy McGinnis's blog where we chat about my road to publication, how I got my agent, and other such tidbits.

Plus, an INCREDIBLE new review on the Such A Novel Idea blog!

Wow...just posting that was exhausting. How about we all go take a nap after we're done? ;-

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