Tuesday, October 29, 2013

INSOMNIA Ebook Only 1.99!

GUYS! The INSOMNIA ebook on kindle is on a $1.99 special right now! 


So if you or someone you know needs a spooky read just in time for Halloween, please spread the word! 

Also, this is the last day to enter the PARANOIA Cover Reveal Giveaway so get your entries in now!

Monday, October 14, 2013

PARANOIA Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

I am so excited today, like this much:

Because I finally get to share my PARANOIA cover!

But...before I do that, here is the book description to whet your appetite:

"In the aftermath of the events that nearly killed him, Parker Chipp is trying to learn to cope better with life as a Watcher. And it seems to be working...until he wakes up in jail with a hangover and 12 hours of missing time. Darkness has somehow taken control and Parker doesn't have a clue how to stop him. He finds an unlikely ally in Jack, the mysterious guy in the motorcycle jacket who offers to help Parker master his abilities as a Watcher. But even as they practice, the darkness inside Parker is getting more and more powerful, taking over Parker’s body and doing everything he can to destroy Parker's life.

When Jack reveals that there is another kind of Night Walker, known as a Taker, Parker starts to wonder if the strange things happening in Oakville are more than just a coincidence. After all, people are more than just sleepwalking. They're emptying their savings accounts with no memory of doing so, wandering into strange parts of town and disappearing, they're even killing other people--all in their sleep. If Parker wants to find out what's happening or have any hope of seeing his father again, he’ll have to defy Jack and put his own life in danger...because the more he learns about the Night Walkers, the more certain he is that his life isn't the only one that could be lost."

So go ahead now, scroll down and enjoy the intense amount of creepy that is PARANOIA, you know you want to...

Go on...

Keep Going...

It'll be worth it...

Don't worry, this kind of reaction is not only reasonable...it's expected.

I absolutely LOVE this cover. I'll be honest, I was worried about how it might turn out. The INSOMNIA cover is so epic and conveys the perfect mood for that book and I worried that anything we did for the sequel might be a disappointment. 

Boy does this not disappoint. 

It takes everything I loved about the first cover and amps it up. The tension and emotion and fear...it's all there. It's perfect and I couldn't imagine liking anything more. So, a huge thank you and shout out to Flux and my cover designer, Lisa Novak. You guys are awesome. Thank you!!

And now, to celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of INSOMNIA, an ARC of PARANOIA and a sweet swag pack! Enter here and tell me what you think about the cover below.

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Huzzah! So tell me, what do you think?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wordstock Festival/Book Fair This Weekend In Portland, OR

This weekend I'm so excited to be at Wordstock Book Festival in Portland, Oregon! I've never been to Portland and I'm stoked for my first visit. They have an amazing lineup of authors this year and I'll be on a panel called:

Crossing the (Genre) LineA discussion with three authors who run the gamut from sci-fi to contemporary to thriller to supernatural. These authors will discuss how to combine and bend genres effectively, maintain consistency while writing across a variety of genres, and reach readers looking for a little of this mixed with a little of that. 

It will be at noon on Saturday and I'll be with my FSG buddies Jennifer Bosworth and Jessica Brody. It should be so much fun! 

I'll also be doing a signing at 1pm and I SHALL have fun giveaways (like bookmarks and INSOMNIA backpacks!) so if you're around, come say hi! 

You can find the Wordstock Festival schedule here for more info.