Monday, December 16, 2013

Massive Night Walkers Giveaway!

I finally caved and created an Author Facebook Page and in celebration, I'm giving away the following:

~ A signed copy of INSOMNIA

~ An EARLY signed ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of PARANOIA

~ An INSOMNIA bookmark

~ An INSOMNIA backpack & swag!


To enter, just go to the Author Page, share the giveaway post, and comment to let me know you did!

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I shared! If you want to, you know, just hand that ARC to me right now and get this whole thing over with, you can. :) I actually just bought another Insomnia for my book club's gift exchange this Wednesday. They are in for a treat! ;)

  2. Shared on both my personal page and Blog page :)