Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interview with Debut Author: Randy Lindsay

The very cool Randy Lindsay has been a long-time friend of the blog and so today I'm going to celebrate the release of his debut novel with a short interview.

Hold tight to your seats folks. We have two posts two days in a row...watch out. :-)

Now, on to the interview!

J: So, Randy, what made you want to write about a United States on the brink of societal collapse?

R: Stories about the end of the world have always been my favorite reading choice so it's no surprise that I decided to do something along this line. In the case of The Gathering I happened to be sitting in church when the speaker mentioned the last days and Boom. My mind wandered around with the subject and finally landed on the idea that I should put together a story, from an LDS perspective, that dealt with what an average family might expect to encounter during this great and terrible event.

J: What was the most challenging part of the plotting process for you?
R: The every day stuff. I'm used to writing stories that are set in exotic settings and incorporate fantastic beings. The Gathering was the toughest bit of writing I've ever done. It took a lot of pacing in my office to figure out a way to move the story from the normal routine to a world on the brink of global war. Writing about aliens invading Earth is sooooo much easier.

J: Do you have any quirky writing habits you'd like to share?

R: I talk to my characters, but I think (I hope) most authors do that. In the writing community I find that I'm a bit of a minority. I am a Plotter. For those who are not familiar with the term, that means I plot my stories out before I start writing. Most of the writers I know are Pantsers--they sit down and write by the seat of their pants. Otherwise, my most noteable writing trait is that I have way too many ideas for stories. If I could write a novel a week, I think I could keep up with the number of new story ideas I want to pursue.

Thanks for popping in for an interview during this very busy time, Randy! Huge congratulations and I wish you and your shiny new book, the very best!

Find more info on Randy's book, The Gathering, here.


  1. I love hearing about what inspires a story, and in this case I'm even more fascinated bc I've have the same thoughts at church. Am I prepared? No. Would I survive? Probably not. yikes!

  2. YES FINALLY AN LDS APOCALYPTIC PERSPECTIVE I'll have to read this at some point. Looks interesting. :)