Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winning and Where Will Jenn Be?

Today shall be a quick post!

First - Huge congrats to Bridget Howard! She won the Hooray for Books Giveaway from last week! :) Huzzah! *cue confetti and streamers*

Don't everyone get too excited at once or this kind of thing could happen...

Second - I will be a panelist and doing a reading at the Life, the Universe, & Everything Symposium in Provo, Utah this weekend! If you are in the area and/or will be attending, I'll post my schedule below so please come say hi! Also, pay attention on twitter because I will most definitely be giving things away at random intervals (including PARANOIA ARCs and swag)!

LTUE Schedule

Thursday (2/13):
3:00pm (Panel) - Gamer Girls: Why you should have one on every campaign
6:00pm (Panel) - Publishing in Today's Market
8:00pm (Panel) - Promoting Your Work on the Internet

Friday (2/14):
4:00pm (Panel) - Action Sequences
5:00pm (Reading) - PARANOIA & CUT ME FREE (+ prizes!)
8:00pm (Signing) - Mass Autograph Signing (+ more prizes!)

Saturday (2/15):
5:00pm (Panel) - Description in Writing

*Phew!* That's it folks! Hope to see you there!