Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Comic Con FanX! Come Say Hi!

I am freaking pumped to be a panelist at the upcoming Comic Con. Where else could I be faced with a decision of whether to wear a snazzy authorly outfit...or a Brony shirt and Rainbow Dash necklace?

Choices, choices...

What about you guys? Are you coming to Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, too? If so, come and say hi! This is where I'll be:

4/17 12:00 pm: What Inspires Writers?
4/17 6:00 pm: Veronica Mars: Cult TV Series to Major Motion Picture (M)
4/17 8:00 pm: How to Survive the Impending Apocalypse (In Whatever Form it Takes)

4/18 10:00 am: Character Creation in Science Fiction & Fantasy for Writers
4/18 11:00 am: The Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy in a Post-Twilight, Post-Potter world.
4/18 6:30-7:30 pm: Book Signing
4/18 8:00 pm: The Hero’s Shadow: Writing Great Villains

4/19 10:00 am: Downton Abby: How a Stuffy British Drama Became One of TV’s Most Addictive Shows
4/19 1:00 pm: Writing Children’s Books (M)
4/19 5:00 pm: Genre Blending: How Mixing and Matching Leads to Innovative Ideas
4/19 8:00 pm: Undead, but Never More Alive: Why Zombies Continue to be an Active Part of Popular Culture

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