Saturday, June 7, 2014

PARANOIA Blog Tour - Day 6 & 7

We'll be hanging out at one blog all weekend, because this blog is awesome and obviously everyone wants to hang out at awesome places during weekends.

And do this:

So we will be at the Oops! I Read A Book Again Blog with Dianne! (Love that blog name. It's like she keeps slipping and accidentally reading another book. That happens to me sometimes...)

On Sunday there will be an INSOMNIA AND PARANOIA Review posted.

Also, I know that the *technical* release date of PARANOIA is the 8th, but since it's a Sunday and a weekend, we'll be doing all celebration of the Paranoia release on Monday the 9th.

So make sure to check in on Monday for lots of fun Release Day Giveaways!

On Release Day I'll be doing fun promos to give out signed books, bookmarks... and buttons

Yes, I said buttons...everyone wants buttons. 


Have a happy weekend everyone! :) And don't forget to get your entries for the rafflecopter giveaway this weekend!

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  1. Congrats!! Wish I could go to TKE tomorrow, but I have other plans. Next time!

    I did a jig for you.