Monday, June 9, 2014

PARANOIA Release Day!

Today is a pretty big day. One year ago, I became a published author...and today I get to do it again.

And it still feels pretty freaking amazing.

Insomnia accomplished things that I never could have anticipated. It was a finalist for a Whitney Award, it's a Beehive Book Award Nominee for 2014-2015 and it was my publisher's bestselling book for 2013.

It already released in Hungary and in the next year it will be coming out in countries and languages all over the world.

Being published, just like writing, hasn't always been wonderful. There have been some serious struggles. I don't always want to write. I don't always feel like doing the marketing I'm supposed to do. It's hard to prepare yourself for something like this and there have been things that hit me harder, or hurt worse, than I was expecting. But I still love it.

Any career in which you send something you create out for people to openly critique can be painful and difficult...but it's also incredible and rewarding in ways that you can never expect.

More than anything else, on this day, I just feel incredibly lucky to be an author.

Thank you for supporting me and helping me continue to do what I love, and please celebrate that with me today.

Swag Giveaway Details!

I want to give bookmarks, buttons and signed books away today to celebrate!

If you'd be interested in winning, follow these steps:
1- post on any of these social media sites (instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr)
2- tag my account
3- use the hashtag #ReleasethePARANOIA
4- tell me about a fear you have (funny or silly are acceptable)

That's all you do! I'll be picking randomly all day and sending out prizes! You are allowed to post in more than one place to increase your chances. And there will be a lot of prizes! We're talking 30+ prizes over the course of the day. So join in!

Thank you so much for celebrating with me! :)

And don't forget to get your blog tour entries today!

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  1. I share my fear here? . . .
    Iv'e always been scared of the dark. The kind of dark that engulfs you & you don't even know If your eyes are open. That's super scary.

    1. Sure! This counts, too! Thank you, Kara! Yeah...that kind of darkness is freaky!

  2. I have a fear for bees and I don't know why but when I see any flying near me I go running faster than Usain Bolt. I have had panic attacks because of my fear.