Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 Never Forget

Thirteen years ago today, I was driving to a store where I was supposed to audit their human resources department and files. I had the news on my radio and the pure shock in the voices of the reporters as they reported about the first tower being hit was terrifying. 

It was one of the few experiences in my life where the tone of their voices scared me more than what they were saying. Fear was clearer than any alarm I've ever heard. They weren't certain about what was happening at first and didn't want to over-react on the air, but the panic from what they were seeing was clearly overwhelming them.

I arrived at the store and it was like a customers in check-out lines, empty registers. I ran to the electronics department where literally every soul in the store was standing together and watching as they replayed footage of the second plane hitting just a couple of minutes earlier.

We stood there watching for an hour before the store cancelled my audit and sent me home. I drove through Salt Lake City and listened to the news reports of the horrific developments on that day. I looked at some of the buildings in Salt Lake as I passed. They had signs up and various construction projects happening in preparation for the 2002 Olympics to be held in just a few months.

I wept and wished they would cancel it. I couldn't handle the thought of my city becoming a target, too. It was an awful feeling to see something that had been so hopeful and exciting turned into something I dreaded and feared in an instant.

September 11, 2001 - Never Forget

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