Thursday, October 9, 2014

CONTEST & GIVEAWAY: Who Killed The YA Scream Queens?

Many of you have heard of the YA Scream Queens. If you haven't, I (and my insane schedule and deadlines) have failed you.

The good news is that now is an AWESOME time to go check them out.

For the month of October, the Scream Queens (a group of thriller/horror/dark fiction YA authors) are playing a virtual game of Clue online.

I know what you're thinking...

Best. Game. Ever.

And it so is. :)

The YA Scream Queens (myself included) have all been murdered by authors of darker books. Sure, most of the author-suspects claim they're innocent, but some of them are definitely not. Your job is to discover who murdered which Scream Queen. And enter to win some major booty (meaning treasure...not body parts, the game isn't that twisted).

You can find more details here on the suspects and the game.

Or, if you'd like to just begin your investigation first, below are links to the Scream Queens that have died. These posts include crime scene photos and reports. They are in general, incredibly awesome. Now go get your spooky investigations hat on and dive in!

Sarah Jude

Lauren Roy

Lindsay Currie

Hillary Monahan

Trisha Leaver

Courtney Alameda

Jenn (J.R.) Johansson - ME! *gasp*

Cat Scully

Dawn Kurtagich

And now...we have SUSPECTS!

April Genevieve Tucholke

Kendare Blake

And more to come...

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