Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fantastic MANIA Review from VOYA!

I cannot believe that MANIA is coming out in less than ONE MONTH!

I basically have that expression on every time I think about it. 

But TODAY I get to share an incredible review that MANIA got from VOYA! It's the first trade review we've received for this book so far and it's SO HAPPY!

So, here it is:

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Johansson, J.R. Mania: The Night Walkers, Book 3. Flux/Llewellyn, 2015. 408p. $9.99 Trade pb. 978-0-7387-4431-5.

Mania opens one month after the explosion that killed Jack and Parker’s father, Danny.  While the factions collect themselves after the battle, Jack and Parker struggle to find balance in their relationship and answers to a final riddle left by their father.  A mysterious, secret formula holds the key to calming the war among the Night Walkers, but three ingredients have been left coded and can only be unearthed by the brothers. This was meant as an insurance policy to protect his sons, but the longer the formula goes unmade, the longer the Takers can amass their army, taking over and using the bodies of Dreamers without their consent. No one can be trusted in this new world, and no one is safe—especially Parker.  Ultimately, it will be up to Jack to solve the riddle and save everything—and everyone—he loves.
Johansson has a gift for suspenseful storytellingThis third book of The Night Walkers series is exciting and highly addictive, and the entire series boasts an original plot with compelling, dynamic characters. Readers will appreciate that the writer takes care to craft a convincing mythology as the foundation of the series, which makes for sound installments. The books blur the distinction between reality and fantasy and interrogate the complexities of brotherhood, friendship, duty, and personal identity.  There is even a dash of romance for additional intensity. This series will appeal to a wide range of readers who enjoy mystery, romance, suspense, and the paranormal.—Courtney Huse Wika.


YAY! I'm so happy they liked it. This book is my favorite in the series and I'm really happy with where things ended. It looks like they are too! Time to celebrate!

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